We Wish You a Merry Epiphany

The Acts of This American Life has been in production for about 3 months now. Okay, so we’re both really busy and don’t have time to update very often. But, with Epiphany on it’s way, we thought we’d give you all a few gifts:

1. We’re going to be branching out and using more social media to try to share the good news conveyed in This American Life. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr! and tell your friends!

2. We’re really excited to be adding a new contributor: have you met Craig?

Craig Talmage currently lives in Phoenix, AZ where he is completing his Ph.D. in Community Resources and Development at Arizona State University. He was raised in the Lutheran (ELCA) tradition and currently attends City Square Church, a Methodist (UMC) emerging church in central Phoenix, AZ.

Craig will be contributing about once a month in the beginning. As always, if you’re interested in Guest contributing, check out our contributors page.

3. For Epiphany, we’ll begin the year off where this whole blog idea began: with a really funny impersonation of Ira Glass by Fred Armisen. Look for the new blog later today!

We write The Acts of This American Life out of a belief that the Gospel, while established in the biblical witness, is awake and alive in our world. This is a hobby for each of us, but also a chance to explore the witness to God’s grace and love in the radio stories of This American Life. Whether you’re a pastor or lay person, believer or atheist, more of a Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me listener than a Car Talk loyalist, we hope that this commentary will help liven up your faith.

From all of us at The Acts of This American Life,

Happy Epiphany!


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