Dearest Theophilus,

You have read the testimony of Jesus Christ, of the good works done among us, as testified in thee gospel. Things got a little shaky there towards the end, but how about that finish?! You have also read of the account of the Apostles and their teachings, how they received the spirit and proceeded to spread the good news throughout the world. And then you struggled through the seemingly endless journey to nowhere until the book finally….ended? Really, that was the end?

Ok, ok…but this next chapter, this one you’re really going to like! Theophilus, I bring you:

The Acts Of This American Life!

Each week on The Acts of This American Life we’ll bring you a commentary on one of the weeks lectionary readings based on an episode of NPR’s This American Life.

Who we are :

Andrew Shepherd currently lives in Phoenix, AZ where he is serving as a pastoral resident at Foothills Christian Church. He is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Andrew’s personal blog: Shepshire

Eli Rolon currently lives in the Denver Metro Area in Colorado. He is finishing an MA in Ethics at the Iliff School of Theology and will pursue a PhD upon completion. Eli is active with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and is going through the process of ordination. Eli’s personal blog: Vicious Theology

Craig Talmage currently lives in Phoenix, AZ where he is completing his Ph.D. in Community Resources and Development at Arizona State University. He was raised in the Lutheran (ELCA) tradition and currently attends City Square Church, a Methodist (UMC) emerging church in central Phoenix, AZ.


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